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Create your own cake recipe

Have you ever tried to create your own recipe?
It is not impossible, but you will need to have some math skills. Understanding ratio’s or proportions will greatly benefit you but it does not only end with Maths. You will also need to understand the science of baking. The how, when, where and why is important to create your own recipe from scratch.

Cake Recipe Formula

Note: Please use weight, not volume!

  • Sugar = Flour         
  • Eggs = Fat
  • Eggs + Liquid = Sugar            
  • 1 t/s of baking powder = 1 x cup of flour.
  • ½ t/s of salt

Let’s start with the Sugar = Flour. Here you need to remember that the weight of 1-cup sugar and the weight of 1-cup flour are different. Do not get confused and think that they are the same. Rather use a scale to get this formula perfect.

Eggs = Fat

This formula is a bit trickier because of the size of the eggs. Take into consideration when measuring the eggs that they must be out of the shell! You can be a bit more flexible here, but make sure it is almost not noticeable. 

Eggs + Liquid = Sugar

Now the eggs and liquid together must be equal to the sugar. If it is not the same, then add milk or buttermilk to equal the weight out.

1 tsp baking powder – 1 cup flour

If you need to understand why baking power – it is all about the bubbles and how dense the cake will be.

½ tsp salt

Salt gives flavor but too much will also spoil the cake recipe. Be sure to just add a small bit to enhance the flavors.
This is the basic recipe. From here on you can start making changes to your recipe. If you want a moister cake, then just replace the butter with oil. 
Now it is time to start adding other ingredients such as the flavor. Now I have discovered a product that does not change your ingredients quantities at all. 

If you prefer to rather add more products, then just make sure that it is not exceeding the 20% mark. If the batter is too watery or too thick it can cause problems. So, if you are adding chocolate paste. It will form part of the liquids! Which means that you will add less milk.

Enjoy your experimentation and share your thoughts and ideas with me! Love to hear them!