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Top 14 Trends in Cake Decorating to Watch

Have you ever thought who dictates the next cake decorating trend? 

I often wonder about it and I am sure that if you can find something totally unique to what is currently popular, you might be able to determine the next trend. Especially if it can go viral!

The cakes that are currently standing out is:Trending Cakes


Art Inspired Cakes

Bold lines, paint splatter and dreamy watercolor add that special touch to a cake. Especially for modern brides that love a few abstract designs.


Also known as lushes, aloes, and eatables. If you are an environmentally friendly person, maybe this type of cake will bring out the best in you. It is no longer just something that belongs in the garden or a warm climate. Lots of cakes are decorated in this fashion which includes buttercream flowers too.

Vivid colors

Even though pastel colors are appealing, especially in baby christening cakes, there is no doubt that bold colors and metallics are slowly taking over. 

Skull Cakes

I am personally not a person for "day of the dead" cakes, but there are a few cakes I've seen that truly are gorgeous with the bright bold colors.

Fashion Inspired

Who says that cake decorating is boring. Now we can even create edible fabric. Where is it going to end? It is not strange to request a wedding cake looking exactly like your wedding dress; absolutely possible.

Fondant vs Buttercream

I personally love working with fondant, maybe because it is less messy, but buttercream cakes do taste so much nicer. Think of naked cakes with ganache dripping or giant flowers, absolutely stunning.

Fondant (Yeah)

Just when you think fondant is out, then it evolves. Fondant offers a perfect canvas for drawing. Ruffles are taken a step higher and not even to mention the geometric shapes that are now incorporated into the cakes.

Galaxy Cakes

I know you have seen these type of cakes. It is exactly the cakes I was referring to earlier. They are viral and all over Social Media. Geode cakes, Marble cakes, and shiny glaze mesmerize all of us.

Animal Cakes

Unicorn, Unicorn, and Unicorn - do I say more! Not one week goes by when I did not see or a request was made for a Unicorn Cake.

Lifesize Cakes

I am also very keen on making these type of cakes. It is hard work but so much fun. Most of these cakes are done for the Cake International Show. 


Cakes are wrapped with fabulous available prints. From floral to animals, stripes and so much more.


People are actually creating their own logos for their wedding cakes. It is no longer just a monogram, logos shows your own personal brand or identity.

Drip Cakes

Just what the word implies. It drips from delectable syrups and tasty fillings. Enough to make us all drool.